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my names is Rhiannon and I’m located in the beautiful South of Wales. 


I first loved photography from a very young age. I used to line up my toys, tell them how to pose (move them) and take their picture! 

During my teenage years I remember documenting in my diary how much I wanted to be a photographer but alas life took me on a different direction. This didn’t stop me from the enjoyment of taking and editing photos!

fast forward to now and I can say that I've finally lived up to those diary entries all those years ago! I’ve never been happier! There is no better feeling than capturing those special moments or documenting the everyday lives of my clients so they can look back with joy and cherish these memories, special occasion or otherwise, forever! Both of which are just as important to remember as the other. X

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I am comfortable with many locations and photography styles. The photograph style may differ from session to session, but my commitment to quality and craft is unwavering. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.

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